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HREA has submitted and promoted bills to support its principal objectives and the interests of its constituents. HREA is active at the legislature throughout its term and prepares and presents testimony on relevant bills and resolutions before the State of Hawaii legislature.  HREA maintains and distributes spreadsheets outlining the bills and their status for the membership to promote individual testimonies and support.  Since the 1996 legislative session, HREA has been intimately involved in the passage of bills that resulted in the following laws:

  1. Conversion of the Energy Conservation Income Tax Credit to the Renewable Energy Technologies Income Tax Credit (“RETITC”), including a major revision to make the RETITC permanent, and a refundable option for solar energy systems.
  2. Net energy metering including two major revisions to 50 kW systems and 1% penetration.
  3. Renewable Portfolio Standards (“RPS”), including three major revisions to a 40% RPS by 2030.
  4. Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standards (“EEPS”) that requires an EEPS of 30% by 2030,
  5. Public Benefits Fund and third-party administrator for energy efficiency.
  6. Pay As You Save® which requires on-bill financing of solar hot water systems.

HREA can be your voice at the State of Hawaii legislature to:

  • identify and seek consensus on member issues that can be addressed via legislation.
  • coordinate with key legislators and other key stakeholder groups.
  • draft and submit bills for introduction.
  • prepare and present testimonies.
  • coordinate with and seek support from other stakeholders as bills through the legislature.
  • provide timely status and updates of bills during the mid-Jan to early May legislative session.
  • work hard to ensure good bills get passed and are enacted into law by the Governor.

Links to Legislative Resources:

Hawaii Legislature:

Hawaii Legislature Bill Status:

Tracking the Legislative Process:

The following chart is an example of one of the tools that we use to identify, evaluate and track bills during the legislative session, which runs from mid-January to the end of April each year.

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